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Cold Beverages 16/20 Oz - Drink Menu

Cold Press

This smooth delectable coffee is a must for a summer day. We take ground coffee and soak it for over 12 hours allowing the coffee to infuse the water for a strong concentrated brew. Then it's ready for you! It is served over ice. Adding a splash of milk or a shot of flavoring for an additional boost.

16oz $2.8020oz $3.60
16 Oz Flavored Syrup Add-on's (Optional):Amaretto +$1.40Almond Roca +$1.40Brown Sugar Cinnamon +$1.40Butterscotch +$1.40Caramel +$1.40Caramel Sugar Free +$1.40Cherry +$1.40Cinnamon +$1.40Coconut +$1.40Crème de Banana +$1.40English Toffee +$1.40Grape +$1.40Hazelnut +$1.40Irish Cream +$1.40Lime +$1.40Macadamia Nut +$1.40Mango +$1.40Orange +$1.40Peppermint +$1.40Peanut Butter +$1.40Raspberry +$1.40Raspberry Sugar Free +$1.40Root Beer +$1.40Salted Caramel +$1.40Salted Caramel Sugar Free +$1.40Smores +$1.40Smores Sugar Free +$1.40Strawberry +$1.40Strawberry Sugar Free +$1.40Toasted Marshmallow +$1.40Vanilla +$1.40Vanilla Sugar Free +$1.40
Cold Beverage Add-on's (Optional):Add Splash of Milk Add Almond Milk +$0.50Add Oat Milk +$0.50
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